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Dominique Uwase Alonga is a young and energetic young woman who is passionate about Reading and Writing. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies from Jain University, Bangalore and she specialized in Public Relations and Event Management. Dominique believes that one of the greatest needs that Rwanda and Africa have is the love for literature and she is devoting her time and resources to make a small contribution to these needs.

Shakila Umutoni, her team partner is a determined and enthusiastic individual with a love of learning. She is currently a pharmacy student with a passion for health and is now focused on providing quality services to young people. She has volunteered with different organizations in the past with the ideal that our greatest achievements rest in when we give back to our community. Together, they formed Girl District with the aim to providing relatable and accurate information for sexual reproductive health through comic books.


The conversation and accessibility of information around Sex Education in Rwanda is still very weak. Girl District dedicates itself to instructing young women and men around the topics of Sexual Education using comic books written by Girls and For Girls, A mentorship center as well as community training.

The vision is to break open up dialogues, save young lives and empower them to make stronger and better decisions when it comes to their sexual health.

Girl District,
Let's Break the Awkward.