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Muzungu Hirwa Sylvain is a 23 year old, Medical Student at the University of Rwanda. Sylvain volunteered in many public health projects and researches. He is a human-rights advocate and holds a Human Rights Trainer certificate from the International Federation of Medical Students' Association. He likes business and social media.

Uhirwa Sylvie is a 21 year old medical student at the University of Rwanda. Sylvie is touched by vulnerable people, and believes that every adolescent especially girls need a mentor to achieve their goals. She also believes that “caring for adolescents is caring for the future of the nation.”

Using ICT, the Tantine App will work with a team of trained medicals and psychologists to deliver reproductive health education, mentorship and counseling services to young people.


Tantine which literally means ‘little aunties’, is a set of platforms designed by two medical students of the University of Rwanda. Culturally reproductive health education was assumed by Aunties. With the current family relationships and busy families, no one is now suitable and available to mentor teens on reproductive health.

By using technology teens can access reproductive health related information via online aunties. Tantine platform will give a chance to all adolescents, young adults, parents and the community in general to access reliable, medial approved reproductive health related information via our android application, website (http://www.tantine.rw/) and USSD.