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IRERE HIRWA Alain Patrick is a 23 year old Creative Design student at the University of Rwanda. He is in his last year where he specializes in Communication Design. He holds a certificate from the Africa Digital Media Academy in Multimedia Courses. Very passionate about video storytelling, he believes that a story told with a video is amplified, and lasts forever. In 2015, he wrote a short movie script about an ASRH-conversation between a shy Rwandan mother and her daughter, unfortunately he did not have the means to shoot the video. Coming across the iAccelerator poster on his campus, he knew, that he had to turn that short-movie idea into something tangible and, therefore, applied for the competition.


TUBIGANIRE TV SHOW is a TV show that aims at stimulating Rwandan parents to have open/genuine sexual reproductive health-related conversations with their children in their homes. The whole point of this show is to help our Rwandan society get over “the sexual talk taboo” that has always been the root cause for most of the issues Rwandan teenagers face. This show brings together families and gives them a sexual reproductive health-related topic to discuss, a parent and his/her child are to share experiences/opinions about the given topic.

They get to ask each other personal questions, tell each other all those little secrets that they always keep from each other. At the end of the show, the host of the show who is an experienced sexologist gives accurate information about the topic as she welcomes the audience of the show to participate in the topic. The audience votes to determine which family has had the most cool/genuine/knowledgeable conversation and the winning family gets a prize (School Fees payment for one child of the family/Mituelle de Sante payment for the family). This prize is there to stimulate families to participate and open up to each other in the best way possible.