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Winner Biography

Fileille Naberwe is a passionate young lady about technology and entrepreneurship. She is a frontend developer and an aspiring operations & strategic planning manager. She has been in the tech and entrepreneurship industry for more than 3 years. She believes in being part of the solution to different challenges and this is one of the reasons why she applied for the iAccelerator program along with her team.
Jisca Azabe Ngendahayo is a researcher and acreative designer. She is a 2nd year student at AUCA in Networking &Communications. Jisca applied to the iAccelerator through team Umbrella. The Team came together because each one of them has a different skill set that makes them strong together.
Lionel Mpfizi is an entrepreneur and software developer. He has been in the tech industry for the last three years, working in numerous projects and founding couple of startups along the way. His goal in life is to participate in building a brighter and smarter Africa; which is one of the main reasons him and his team joined the iAccelerator.
Yves Ndejuru is Umbrella’s numbers guy. He oversees the product’s business development and strategic planning activities. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics. He wants to contribute to the development of home grown solutions and Rwanda innovations.


Umbrella is a digital platform that will empower and educate young girls and women to make informed and smart decisions about their sexual reproductive health. This platform will be available through USSD and mobile application. Its main features will be a menstrual cycle tracking system and a pregnancy mode.The cycle tracking system will help track the menstrual period cycle, it will allow the girl to know about her period cycle hence help her be prepared for different circumstances and more in control and knowledgeable of her body. This is also an innovative family planning method for married couples. It is a simple and effective replacement of the traditional Urunigi.

The pregnancy mode is a feature for pregnant women and young mothers especially first-time mothers. It will provide reminders, advices and information on prenatal and postnatal care basically the first 1000 days of a child. This feature will help pregnant women and mothers to nurture their newborns. In a nutshell Umbrella is designed to help women have a healthier and improved sexual reproductive health.